My health has continued to improve which is awesome :)


Chermside Qld

I really always appreciate chatting to you because you just get it.


Ashgrove Qld

Walking back into the house was really such an uplighting fresh noticeable.


Carina Heights Qld

What an amazing job and result! Very glad we engaged with your company and will be recommending your company to anyone in need of a thorough mould cleaning service.


Currumbin Valley

Thanks for the ozone treatment, it's always great to get back to square one again! Craig said it's nice to have a normal head again!!


Mullumbimby NSW

Thanks for your service, very good dealing with you.


Western Australia

Thankyou very very much for improving my health and making me happy. Would highly recommend you to anyone.


Terranora NSW

Everyone is very happy with the work carried out and report that the office space feels much, much better.



Gold Coast Youth Services

Thanks Meagan, Great results!


Sanctuary Cove Qld

The air feels lighter, I can breathe better and the house is so clean!


Hope Island Qld

Good news is that I haven’t found any sign of mould!


Elanora Qld

Thank you my darling for helping me get my strength (and life)'ve been a big part of my healing.


North Coast NSW

It's very important to get a chapter in the book about ozone.

Elaine Hollingsworth

Doctors Are Dangerous Pty Ltd

Thank you again for all your hard work and making my home healthy again.


Kenmore Qld

The house seems much cleaner and I already have a list of areas for detailed cleaning over the next few weekends. I didn't realise how much the mould issue had made me feel overwhelmed and scared to clean!


Brisbane Qld

The house looks amazing. It certainly has a different feel to it…

Nick & Katherine

Elanora Qld

The place feels much cleaner and the dehumidifier has been filling up constantly, I didn't realise how humid it was in this house!

Scott C

Chermside Qld

Thank you SO much for all your very hard work. I immediately could feel the difference in air quality when I walked in the front door, the house has never looked and felt so clean. You are wonderful.


Bulimba, Brisbane