Thanks so very much again to both of you.
Walking back into the house was really such an uplighting fresh noticeable.
A wonderful transformation.  Mum was definitely impressed.
I spent the afternoon at the Laundromat washing sheets, donnah covers, towels etc.
So everything on her bed, in her room is freshly washed.
We are all a little exhausted today but will transfer the rest of the money tomorrow after we return from the Ballina appointment.  Hopefully that is ok for you?  
(Mum loves State of Origin so watching that now:)
If at some stage you could write a brief report of your findings particularly any areas that were of concern, I can share this with the family so they are aware.
Cheers and also a huge thanks for the thoughtful extras of information, book and cleaning products.  I love what you have done and who you are.....makes such a difference to the entire experience. :) x
Kind Regards,
Carina Heights  Qld
7 Jun 2015