Common Causes For Mould Growth

Inadequate ventilation can cause mould and bacteria to grow and accumulate in homes and offices and also unrepaired water leaks.

While our homes are now being built to be more energy efficient, they are now the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria due to lack of ventilation. Older homes naturally have higher counts of mould simply due to age.

Bacterial contaminants may breed in stagnant water that has accumulated in ducts, humidifiers and drain pans, or where water has collected on ceiling tiles, carpeting or insulation.

Heating and air conditioning systems can disperse pathogens (mould spores) all over the home.

Overgrown trees on the property can contribute to higher levels of indoor mould by not allowing natural UV sunlight in the home.

Water ingress into the building envelope from wet weather events, storm events or plumbing leaks from showers, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

Cleaning all though feels like a chore it actually is the key to keeping mould and bacteria low in your home, alot of people get caught out here, expecially when excess contents is present in the home.

I recommend maintaining your indoor humidity levels to below <60%, ideally I recommend to aim between 50-55% on an every day basis this can be acheived by a portable dehumidifier, which will assist in keeping high humidity within the ideal range and remove excess air moisture from your internal air space.  A portable dehumidifier also works perfectly with your ozone generator creating a dry air allowing the ozone to create magic and purfiy the contaminants from your surfaces and air spaces of your home. One machine drying the air, One machine purifying the air.....