Your home should be thoroughly assessed with our qualified mould technicians as the first step to identify and locate all source areas of why your home is sick with mould, before any treatment and remediation is carried out.  Removal and repair of all source issues is the key to successful treatment and permanent eradication of mould from your home.

O2 (oxygen) is converted to O3 (ozone) which is a “dry gas” through our generators onsite, then dispersed into the home filling the entire airspace, including cupboards and wardrobes. The third atom of the O3 (ozone) gas splits off and attaches to the airborne offending organisms, oxidising and destroying them by breaking them completly down.

The word “Ozone” means to smell. It has a distinctive smell which allows it to be detected at very low levels. The life cycle of ozone is generation, oxidation then return to oxygen.

If your home has a build up of indoor mould, which can be caused from as simple as a lack of ventilation or a severe microbial growth outbreak, caused from a water damage event or escape of liquids from bathroom waterproofing issues or leaking pipes, then a high output ozone treatment will be necessary to purify the air space and surfaces free of airborne pollutants.

Your home must be unoccupied of all people and pets during our high output ozone treatments. Once treatment and remedial steps are completed, you can return home straight away, as soon as our technicians have finished.

Our ozone generators have been tested and certified with SGS (worlds leading testing centre) they produce zero nitrous oxide and leaving no toxic residue behind, once ozone treatment has completed.

Depending on the severity of mould contamination inside your home, a structured ozone treatment plan will be quoted, specific for your home, including any ducted air conditioning to remove contamination from your air space and surfaces also including your furniture and contents. 

With a focus on delivering value for money for our clients, we provide superior quality, highly effective treatments, as opposed to those which are cheaper and ineffective.

High ozone shock treatments are scientifically proven to eradicate mould and bacteria from indoor air duct work and surfaces, ozone goes one step further and has been scientifically proven to degrade the mycotoxin within the mould spore, which many people have been known to have an allergenic reaction.  You may experience fatigue, headaches, joint aches, repetitive flu like symptoms, skin rash and increase asthma and respitory conditions, sometimes even nose bleeds depending on the contamination level that is active in your home. Our ozone treatments are completely environmentally friendly, leaving no toxic residue!  Thats right we do not use any harsh chemicals with any of our treatments, leaving a fresh, pure and toxic free environment.

Using Ozone for covid19 coronavirus treatment, for practical disinfection and sterilization with the Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent

We are known for our dedication, specialised deep clean and commitment to professional mould treatment and remediation.  We have established a solid reputation for our fine attention to detail, quality service and expertise in this field for over 10 years!

In fact, we are regularly called in to provide remedy following treatment by another mould remediation company who has not been able to achieve effective or long term results.