(4 samples) from $990 inc gst

Do you have a mould problem? Toxic mould can cause serious health affects for the occupants, especially for children, elderly and immune compromised people.  

To determine if mycotoxin producing mould is present in your home we offer the following testing options;

Analytical Testing

Independant Laboratory Analysis (Mould and Bacteria)

1.  Air Sampling (Air-o-cells or  Malt extract Agar plates)

2.  Surface Sampling (Bio tap or Malt extract Agar plates)

3.  Dust Sampling  (Ermi Swiffer or Ermi Vacuum)

4.  HVAC Air Conditioning Swab Testing

5.  Bulk Material Sampling

Air sampling is collected via a calibrated bio pump of 15 litres of air per minute with a collection of 5 minutes of Air,

directly into a air-o-cell or onto fresh malt agar (NIOSH Approved) petri plate then sent to the mycology laboratory for culture, counting and identification.

An independant written report will be issued, identifying the level of mould contamination at the time of sampling, the species (Genre) present and if mycotoxin producers are present in your home.

Clearance Testing (Post remediation verification) scientific mould testing and analysis, providing you with a detailed mycology labatory report to confirm treatment and remediation has been successful.

Why is it important to do pre-testing and clearance testing?

Because there are thousands of different toxic moulds in our environment, it can be very handy information to know which exact species of mould spores you have inhaled, ingested or come in skin contact with, especially if your health has been compromised,  to assist your medical practitioner with your recovery. Mould testing of the air will reveal which species are in the air prior to removal. 



PROPERTY ASSESSMENT from $440.00 inc gst

Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW

Mould Assessment includes

1. Visual inspection of roof, gutterings, subfloor and drainage

2. Moisture readings of Wet Areas, like kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and laundry to rule out any hidden water leaks 

3. Relative humidity, dew point and air temperature readings are taken in all rooms of the home and recorded

4. Outdoor relative humidity, dew point and air temperature readings are also taken to compare with the inside air.

5. Visual inspection of roof cavity via manhole to assess timber frames, insulation and any possible ventilation issue

6. Visual inspection under light of furniture for evidence and spread of mould growth

7. Visual inspection of all split system air conditioners for mould contamination

8. Water damage service, assessing water ingress into the building envelope, leaking showers, burst pipes etc

9. Pre purchase mould assessments

Our mould assessment reports grade each property independantly for mould contamination based on our findings and readings taken at the time of assessment, locating the source areas of why the home is suffering from mould exposure, commonly kown as sick building syndrome, we offer building recommendations based on our findings and a scope of works to be completed. 

Gold Coast $440.00, Scenic Rim $540.00, Brisbane, Ipswich & surrounds $540.00 inc gst