You've taught me well my lovely.........I've had both air purifier and dehumidifier going for the past few weeks.

I love getting these reminders either on Facebook or email.  It's good to have that reinforcement from you, I think because you have sent out these reminders in the past, I am now programmed to turn the machines on when the humdity or wet weather strike.

I was recalling how I was at the beginning of the year.  I rated about a 2 out of 10 on average with my health.  I now average a 7 out of 10 .  I will get back to 10 out of 10 one day. I've just now got to fight the bacterial issues which my doctors expects about 1-2years.  I'm very determined to get to 10 out of 10.

Thank you my darling for helping me get my strength (and life)'ve been a big part of my healing.

Godluvya Meagan

Jen- North Coast NSW






12 Dec 2014