Hi Meagan!
Thank you SO much for all your very hard work.  I immediately could feel the difference in air quality when I walked in the front door, the house has never looked and felt so clean.  You are wonderful.
I do agree with you on all those nasty chemicals... to be honest I have a cleaner every 2 weeks who uses her own so those ones under my sink are basically collecting dust.  You have inspired me to get them into the bin however so thank you.  Thank you also for the very thoughtful cleaning gifts, I cannot wait to use those.  I have not seen that range before so will get online and have a look.  I do need to change over my laundry products and use vinegar instead of fabric softener and chemical free washing powder.  
I will try to call you tomorrow and have a chat about everything as I am keen to hear your thoughts on maintaining the house as it is and how you went.  Thanks for the photos - they give a good perspective especially that top cupboard.  I thought I was clean!  
The weather station has also arrived today so I have that working :-)
Have a lovely evening and thank you again for looking after our home and making it so much better :-)
Sarah x
Bulimba, Brisbane
22 May 2014