Xetin XT600 Green Sterilizer 

One push button control provides 15, 30, 45 minutes of operation.  For instance, push the button one time, the upper side of LED ring will light up, indicating the unit is operating for 15 minutes mode, this setting is for a car. Pushng the button twice, the lower side of the LED ring will light up, indicating the unit is now operating for 30 minutes, a good setting for the refrigerator. Push the button a third time and the upper and lower ring will both light up, it is running for 45 minutes in this mode, a setting for a small room.  Push the button a fourth time, the unit will turn off and the LED is lit off. This computerized operation provides easy and secure ozone application to deodorize and sterilize.

Technical Specifications 

XT600 Electrical Source

AC 100V-240V, 50 Hz/60 Hz (Full Voltage Power Supplier)

0.26 A-0.13A, 26W-31.2W

DC-12V, 1.2A (Car Cigarette Lighter Power)

Ozone Output: 600 mg/hr

Ozone Air Flow rate: 0.85 CFM

Noise Level : 43.5 db

Dimmensions:  88mm (L) x 88 mm (w) x 160 mm (H)

Weight: 710g


perspective view -2perspective view -4perspective-3perwspective viewrear viewXT-600, car cigarette plugXT-600, in officeXTC-600, in carXTC-600, in living roomXTC-600, on the bedXTC-600, photo-1
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