This sylish porcelain drinking water vessel has been made out of high density, non poison porcelain. It is equipped with a stainless steel 316 faucet and high tripod legs.  The stainless steel 316 is the highest grade, non poison stainless steel, and uses a food grade silicone rubber sealant.  This makes the stainless steel faucet guaranteed to be leak-proof and safe for use with ozonated water. The tripod legs are made of LG artificial stone, called Hi-Macs (an expensive material, usually used for counter tops).  The legs support the faucet in a high position, so larger cups can conveniently be placed underneath the faucet. This vessel has been purposefully designed to work with the XT-301 Ozone water generator.  "FREE SHIPPING'

Ozonated water on tap! Constructed from porcelain with stainless steel tap and quartz legs this attractive water vessel is a beautiful countertop addition to your home, with all the purification benefits of ozone.

Porcelain vessel with XT-301Porcelain vessel, view 1Porcelain vessel, view 1 copyPorcelain vessel, view 2Porcelain vessel, view 3Porcelain Vessel, Xetin, catalog, page 1, EnglishPorcelain Vessel, Xetin, Catalog, page 2, EnglishXT-301 with Poprcelain Vessel
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