Dr. Robert Rowen is known as "The Father of Medical Freedom" for pioneering the first US law protecting alternative medicine. He has used ozone therapy to treat a host of different ailments since 1986, including the Ebola virus.

Transcript (adapted and formatted) of Dr. Robert describing Ozone

Ozone has several effects on the body. Let's go through the simplest first. Ozone is 03, you're breathing 02. Ozone is an unstable molecule it and only lasts about 30 seconds. But it's natural it's nature's most powerful oxidizer it leaves no toxic residue.

Believe it or not your own white blood cells, make it. Scripps Institute, (Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics) discovered that in the year 2002, and that's unbeknownst to most everybody in the US.

So, your own body makes it your your immune system makes these oxidants as its defence against invaders so we're going to come to why in just a moment.

Formation of Ozone

Effects ozone has on the body

Ozone improves the real logical properties of red blood cells. That means the red blood cells become more flexible and you get much better blood flow. I'm an oxygen man I started ozone after my first treatment, I woke up, I realized that the most important thing to the body is oxygen delivery and oxygen consumption. It's the root of all healing is the root of all health. It's the root of all longevity oxygen is what makes energy. And there's a long route from oxygen out here to the cell in my fingertip, it's got to go through a lot of travels to get there. Ozone improves the real logic properties of blood ozone improves the ability of red blood cells to unload its oxygen cargo at the capillary and drive a higher head of pressure of oxygen into the cell. Ozone improves mitochondrial consumption of oxygen, making more energy that's crucial. So we get better oxygen delivery and oxygen consumption.

Ozone modulates the immune system, so if you have an immune system that's overactive that's up here. Ozone brings it down to eye level and if your immune system is here and it's not working properly, it raises it. So it balances the "teeter totter" of your immune system and we know that there are many diseases we call auto immune where the body is overacting like arthritis for example, rheumatoid arthritis and then there's Aids where you don't have an immune system functioning and ozone builds it up. So ozone modulates the immune system which is a particular interest in Ebola.

Ozone treatments were used effectively against the Ebola virus.


Other uses of Ozone treatment-:

Ozone Modulates Inflammation

Dr. Robert Rowen: Ozone modulates inflammation. That's one of its most powerful mechanisms. You need inflammation. So let's go back to Ebola for a second. If you didn't have an enemy, if you have no inflammation the virus or bacteria is going to wipe you out. You need inflammation that's your war, that's your new cells coming out and going bang bang bang bang bang. Well, the problem in many people is inflammation persists, after the invader is gone or the invader is in control. Osteoarthritis for example in your knee is inflammation.

Ozone Effective in Combatting Toxic Mould Exposure

"it was really effective combatting toxic mould exposure"

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30 Jan 2020 Meagan Mckenzie