WITH XETIN "PURE OZONE" (03) activated oxygen 

Ozone Clear is the Australian distributor for Xetin pure ozone generators, for air and water products. Xetin pure ozone generators have been independantly tested and verified by SGS  for killing virus, bacteria and mould. Ozone Clear offer property assessments, analytical air and surface testng, hire of our professional Xetin ozone generators (commercial xt14000) for large contaminated jobs or purchase your own Xetin ozone generator from our large range available starting from, Xetin XT360 personal green sterilzer, portable Xetin XT301 water ozone generator and our full range of XT models of pure ozone generators.

Xetin Co.Ltd are based in Taiwan and are celebrating 30 years in manufacturing pure ozone generators.

Let me introduce you to Ting and Lihua founders of Xetin Co.Ltd...

Ting Hsieh and his wife Lihua established Xetin Co.Ltd in 1994 in New Taipei city, Taiwain. They still today currently own and work from the same factory with a large production warehouse all onsite.  Xetin Co. Ltd have had the same staff working for them for over 20 years.   Personally I have been working with Xetin ozone generators commercially here in Australia, for the past 16 years and have multiple Australian and International labortorties independantly test my work and end results for clearance.  To date have always passed clearance with Xetin ozone generators and in conjunction with following the correct remediation steps for mould removal to achieve amazing results every time.

Here are a few questions answered from the inventor of Xetin ozone corona dicharge element himself,

Mr Ting Hsieh...

Q. How long has Xetin been established?

Xetin was founded in 1994 following technological breakthroughs in air pump and corona discharges devices. Both apparatuses received the USA invention patents in 1994 and 1996 respectively.

Q. How old were you when you first discovered ozone and how? What year was that?

Q. How, what and why lead you to creating the most purest ozone on this planet?

After serving two years in the army, including a year as a fire support coordinator officer on the front line with China, I worked as a product designer in Taiwan SONY. Four years later, I entered the graduate program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in the United States. After receiving my Master of Fine Arts in 1982, I worked at Richardson & Smith Inc., one of largest design companies in the USA. A year later, I returned to Taiwan to establish Ting Design and collaborated with them. Ting Design involved designs in many fields, so I acquired lots of technical knowledge.

In 1992, a joint venture by two companies offered Ting Design a project to develop a new style of ozone generator, so I had an opportunity to look into ozone technology. But when I finished the research and started working on the design, they decided to abandon the project. At that time I was astonished at the unique feature of ozone, but on the other hand I found ozone generators were not sturdy and easy to break.

So, I and Lihua decided to develop a new apparatus to generate corona discharges with no nitrogen dioxide and a new air pump with “Teflon” diaphragm. Together with these two major components, we started to produce the XT-301 for our first ozone generator which can last for many years.

As a designer and engineer, I searched for information on ozone generators for use on air purifications and disinfections in the international markets and found most of them could not be durable. Therefore, I thought it would be a great opportunity for Xetin to develop an innovative ozone generator. During my military career, I frequently had to clean my M1 Carbine, and although it was older than me, it was still in very good condition for fighting. So, I was inspired by my rifle and how to clean the ozone device becoming a key point. In 1998, I invented a new ozone element that could generate pure ozone, was easy to clean and maintain and had a very long service life. This ozone element received an invention patent from the USA and is equipped on the XT-1000 and XT-6000 products.

A few years later, I realized the ozone element cleaning work was not good enough, it needed to be able to disassemble and reassemble back, which looked like what I did on my M1 Carbine. So, I developed a new corona generator structure that could be taken apart for cleaning and then put back together to become as good as new. In 2007, this new corona generator structure was awarded the USA invention patent and is equipped on Air-Duct 2000, Super 7000, XT-14000 and XT-28000 ozone generators.

Q. When did you meet Lihua and did she already have an interest and passion in ozone or did you convert her to your amazing discoveries?

Q. Tell me more about Lihua and her background and her time in Germany and then meeting you and starting Xetin.

After Lihua graduated from the college in 1972, she worked as a graphic designer. Working a few years later, she admired the industrial design in Germany, so she decided to take an examination from our government for studying in Germany. In 1976, she arrived in Germany and entered the graduate school of industrial design at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. Due to she did not have enough credits in industrial design, so she started studying from undergraduate programs that were a series of training in metalsmithing, fabric design, furniture design and ceramic design. In 1982, she passed an examination and obtained a Master of Product Design degree. In the same year, she came back to Taiwan and worked as a product design manager at a consulting company. I met Lihua in 1984 at a design activity when I just returned to Taiwan. I persuaded her to join Ting Design and we worked together. Since then, Ting Design became a prominent company in product design in Taiwan. Working with our designers, we had many design projects running until 1994 when we established Xetin.

Q. How many years have you been in the same factory?

I have been working at Xetin since 1994, so it has been 30 years now.

Q. How long have your staff been working with you for?

My employees have been working with us for over 20 years.

Kind regards,


Xetin Co., Ltd.



Using Ozone as a disinfectant - Ozone (activated oxygen 03) is the strongest commercial sterilant in the world, leaving no toxic residue, reverting back to Oxygen (O2) once treatment has finished.  Thats right - Contaminant-free, Pure Fresh Air!

Ozone is 3000 times stronger than any chlorine or chemical based product on the market today.

Having an ozone treatment in your home is an effective way for lasting results to kill mould, bacteria, germs and viruses. It also removes smoke and pet odours. Our Home including bathroom mould treatment & removal is one of the best long term solutions, far more effective than a quick fix or temporary bleach and chemical formulas.  Some companies simply just offer mould remover services, cleaning mould from a surface with chemical products and leaving toxic residue behind.

Ozone is nature’s own purifier. Just like when a thunder storm and lighting strikes, you can smell the purity of ozone in the air.  Ozone is a dry gas, xetin ozone generators have been scienfically tested and verified that they do not produce any byproducts, such as nitro oxide, nor do they leave any toxic residue on your surfaces, furniture and contents.

Quality air, quality life

Do you have allergies to mould and dust mites? What about viruses and bacteria that you can't see or smell, such as e coli, salmonella and staph? If you want to eliminate these from your environment, creating a healthier home for you and your family. Xetin offer a large range of ozone generators to suit everyone needs,  the indoor air purifying specialists.

How ozone works......
O2 is turned into O3 in the xetin ozone generator, then pumped into the room. The third atom of the O3 gas splits off and attaches to the airborne offending organisims, oxidising and destroying them by breaking them completely down.

Xetin ozone generators produce zero nitrous oxide, leaving no toxic residue behind after the mould removal treatment is complete.

Mould needs just three things to grow: moisture, a nutrient, and a warm environment. This is why cleaning with bleach is just a temporary solution. Once the moisture and heat return, it will start growing again. Toxic spores begin to multiply very quickly, infecting everything in their surrounds.

Approximately 15,000 spores are equivalent to the size of a pin head. It will contaminate contents (furniture, clothes, food, paper etc). These items also act as food for spores, but even worse they are extremely harmful to your health.

Our company will guide you through the correct specialised cleaning, remediation processes which are set out in the IICRC S520 standards (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

Ozone kills mould on contact, even the loose spores you cannot see and in places you cannot see in the home. If untreated, it can gradually destroy the surfaces they are growing on, rendering them unusable. If mould removal is not carried out correctly it is likely to cross contaminate.

Ozone is the strongest commercial sterilant in the world. It is 3,000 times stronger the chlorine.

If you have never had an ozone treatment in your home before, book one now. You will be amazed just how your home, furniture and clothes, smell and feel after an ozone treatment. Feel secure at home knowing you and your family are breathing pure fresh air.

Ozone will also remove pet odours and cigarette and smoke smells.

If you suspect you have a mould problem, call us now.

Ozone Clear is proud to be the Australian stockist for Xetin Ozone Generators for air and water treatment.